Partie Energie et protection

Our company has already become one of the distributors of ITAPOWER Group , and the world-leading

KSTAR//EVEREXCEED Groups in Power protection systems with Uninterrupted Power Supplies "UPS or UPS";

Rectifiers/Industrial and Telecom Chargers, Industrial Batteries for different Applications.

•SARL NILESERVE offers its customers varied and quality products and services. Competencies

of our engineers / Technicians are used to cover various services. With regard to

UPS, we offer one of the most complete and efficient product lines and solutions

available on the market. We also offer a wide range of Industrial Batteries;

Rectifiers-Chargers (Industrial and Telecom), Precision Air Conditioning as well as

renewable energy "Photovoltaic".



•Notre entreprise réalise des études détaillées pour déterminer de façon optimale

• les besoins du client en matière de produits et solutions de sécurité.

•SARL NILESERVE • assiste et conseille ses clients dans la réalisation de cahiers des charges pour des

•projets de fourniture et installation de systèmes deprotection et de sécurité.